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Official Rules and Regulations


Main Event Fishing hours will be from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday June 22nd, 2019

          (Foul weather date will be Sunday, June 23rd 2019, same fishing hours)


 *Should the weekend be a total loss, deemed un-fishable, the payouts will be by lottery elimination draw for Big Fish Friday, Main event, Largest walleye and All Calcutta’s. This will be done at 12:30 pm on Sunday, if required at the Clarion Hotel/Bar.


2019 Big Dawg Walleye Classic Official Rules Registration and Captains Meeting

 Tournament team registration will be held at the Clarion Hotel or Rookies (TBD). Welcome bags and additional tournament information will be presented at that time. 

 There is no Captains meeting prior to Big Fish Friday

 Main Event Captains Meeting (Mandatory) - Friday, June 21st, 2019. Captains meeting starts at 6:30pm sharp at the Clarion Hotel Bar/restaurant or Rookies. At least one member of each team must be registered/present for the Captains meeting

​Teams not present for Captains meeting will be penalized 2 hours for departure for the day of fishing (8:00 am departure time will be enforced).

 Two Team # signs will be provided (port and starboard) at the Captains Meeting, it is the team Captains responsibility to clearly post them visible (one on the port helm and one on the starboard helm) to any tournament officials and tournament boats. If these numbers are not visibly displayed you will not be identifiable therefore disqualified from the competition.  They must be displayed at all times, this includes in the harbor. They must be placed on the inside of the windshield.  If no windshield is present the tournament official will decide where to place them.  


Foul Weather - Blow Days (Main Event & Big Fish Friday)

 This event shall only be delayed or cancelled if there is a State of Emergency by any Government agency or a US Coast Guard “Small Craft Advisory” for the home harbor. If there is a Small Craft advisory issued or timed for after the shotgun start time of 6am, the event shall take place and , as always, the Captain of the boat (Team) must make the appropriate decision base on his crew and vessel. The tournament directors may , postpone, or delay the days fishing, based exclusively on the immediate weather conditions, as noted below. USCG determines the small craft advisory.

o Delays will be 1 hour increments​
o If the delay reaches 10:30 AM the day will be considered a "Blow Day" and the main event will be held on June 23rd, 2019
o Same times for boat inspections and tournament start will apply
o If the delay is cancelled, boat checks will commence immediately following the cancellation of the delay.

Small Craft Warning Prior to Start - If there is a small craft warning issued by the USCG for the home port immediate area, fishing will automatically be cancelled.  If the main event date is canceled, the blow day will follow.  If the blow day has small craft warnings, the tournament will go to a lottery for all the prizes. (Small craft warning may be issued much earlier for a specific time, if that time is during fishing hours the tournament considers that to be small craft advisory and the event for that day is cancelled). If both days are cancelled and the tournament goes to a lottery, your money will not be refunded and it will be used for the lottery.

Small Craft Warning Post Start - If a small craft warning is issued once the tournament has begun, the day will not be cancelled. Captains must use good Judgment based on their Vessel and crew..

Boat Inspections

 Main Event only will have Boat Inspections. NO BOAT CHECKS FOR BIG FISH FRIDAY.

o Boat Checks will be provided, beginning at 5:00am, NO boat/team can depart the docks or launch prior to having boat checks completed and team puck in hand.  Monitor VHF Cannel 68.

o*****Optional – Boat checks will take place at the Harbor master’s barge, parked just outside of the Town Pier. Once checked, and issued your puck, Boats will head to the harbor entrance for start. No boat is allowed to return to port, without being checked again.*****

​ Any disqualification from the tournament will not result in a refund.

​ The "Puck" may or may not be an actual Puck.  It will be an indicator that must be returned with your  cooler at the weigh-in.

o The Team “puck” will be issued upon completion of the morning boat check. EVERY boat will be checked prior to departure at the Chadwick Bay Marina (Hosting Tournament Marina). If you depart without your puck, you will not be able to weigh your fish.

o The Team “puck” is returned to the cooler check in station at the marina when you drop off your fish cooler with tournament officials. All coolers must be checked in to a tournament official at the Clarion pavilion no later than 4:00pm (Verizon time). Any teams late will not be allowed to weigh and will automatically be disqualified from the Tournament and Calcutta.



Conduct and Behavior Rules

​ All slip fees, launch fees, lodging fees and all other associated fees are the responsibility of each team

​ The tournament IS AN OPEN communication event.

The Big Dawg Walleye Classic maintains zero tolerance of cheating or misconduct within any tournament venue anywhere throughout the USA or Canada. 

​The Big Dawg Walleye Classic will prohibit participation of any captain or team member(s) found/documented as cheating within ANY other tournament event.

​It is required that each team will be properly dressed for the captains meeting, big fish Friday weigh in, and the main event weigh in. It is highly recommended that team t-shirts or jerseys are worn; as they look professional and show well for pictures and videos

​No Ripped, bloody t-shirts, tank-tops or cut off sweat pants are allowed.

​No profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct, or vulgarity will be allowed on stage, this will result in immediate disqualification.

​Any abuse, verbal or otherwise directed towards the tournament committee members, its volunteers or supporting staff will result in immediate disqualification. NO Exceptions​

o Any abuse or misuse of the physical facilities/property of the Tournament location including, Clarion
Hotel/Bar, Local Restaurant and Bar establishments, Cottage Rentals, Dunkirk Harbor Launch Ramp,
and/or its staff will result in immediate disqualification.


Big Fish Friday & Main Event

*** Polygraph testing may be utilized at random for winning teams within various portions of the tournament payout structure. This includes all phases of the tournament including Big Fish Friday, Main Event and ALL Calcutta’s. Refusal to submit the polygraph test will result in automatic disqualification. All fish will be subject to pre/post weigh inspections.***

​Any fish found being altered in any manner to increase the fish’s weight is unacceptable and will result in immediate disqualification of the tournament and Calcutta.

Any disqualification from the tournament will not result in a reimbursement of the entry fee, Calcutta, slip fees, or any other monies paid for the Tournament.

​ALL U.S and Canadian waters will be permitted to fish.  There is no Niagara River allowed.

There is no boat checks for big fish Friday, there is however boat inspections for the main event on Saturday.

Big Fish Friday entries may arrive by water, or over land. BUT must arrive by 4:00 pm.

 Big Fish Friday teams may leave from any port and can start fishing promptly at 6:00 am.

 ​ Each boat will utilize a maximum of up to nine (9) rod/reels deployed and fishing per boat.  You may have more rods/reels present on the boat, however only up to (9) may be deployed and in the water fishing at one time.  All other USA and Canadian laws apply. If anyone is found to have used more than (9) rods, and/or broken local angling laws, immediate disqualification will be enforced.

 Boats may have from two (2) to (5) anglers per boat. No boat shall be allowed to participate with less than (2) anglers or more than (5) at one time. Each team is allowed to substitute one angler from big fish Friday to the main event. All substitute anglers must be registered with the tournament prior to fishing. (Waiver must be signed).

​All tournament keeper walleye must be a minimum of 20” from nose to tail tip.  Any fish shorter than 20” will be removed from the final weigh in cooler.  Local state and international laws apply for keeping fish otherwise.

All fish entered must be caught by hook, line, rod and reel on legal angling tackle. Legal angling tackle is that of the governing department in which the fish was caught. The rules of the state or country in which the fish was taken must be followed for the fish to be weighed.


​There will be a shot-gun start from the inside of the outer break wall at Chadwick Bay Harbor. There will be starting/location device or boat (to be announced at the Captains meeting). The shot-gun start will be specifically 6:00 am sharp. If you depart prior than 6:00 am, you will be immediately disqualified.

 There is a not a NO-stop fishing time, HOWEVER, you must have your tournament cooler with your team puck must be checked in with a tournament official at the Clarion Pavilion NO LATER than 4:00 pm. (verizon time) Anyone late will be disqualified from the tournament and the Calcutta.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


​ Once your boat inspection has been completed, tournament boats cannot make physical contact any boat at any point or time, unless otherwise advised by a tournament official. No boat can float or pass equipment, fish, bait, ice, coolers, food or drink between tournament or non-tournament boats; at any point throughout the day. This includes leaving the Marina, on the lake during travel or fishing, or returning to the Marina. Any noted or witnessed contact between boats will result in an immediate disqualification for any/all boats involved. No boat can make contact with a non-tournament boat.

Competitors cannot go ashore once they have departed boat checks. All boats must leave the Chadwick Bay Marina by water and return by water. To touch land anywhere else will result in disqualification.  Boats cannot be re-trailered to another location on the lake. Dropping off of team members or re-fueling is also not permitted. 

​Our tournament scales will be utilized for weighing of the fish for this portion of the event.

​Fish handling is to be considered a cold box/cold well tournament.

​Only Bagged ice with Metal band or contained ice is permissible in any quantity.

​No water baths (warm or cold water), ice lodging, injection of any materials (ground bait, whole bait, water, lead, sand or other foreign materials) are allowed.

​There is to be no Poking or Prodding of the fish.

​There is to be no external modifications; such as but not limited to - rubber banding of the fish’s mouth, plugging of the anus, weight clipping of the gills, fizzing (releasing air) or injecting air.  

​Simply enter the caught fish to be kept into live-well or cooler and cover with contained ice.


Weigh In

​Includes Big Fish Friday and Main Event

​*** Polygraph testing may be utilized at random for winning teams within various portions of the tournament payout structure. This includes all phases of the tournament including Big Fish Friday, Main Event and ALL Calcutta’s. Refusal to submit the polygraph test will result in automatic disqualification. All fish will be subject to pre/post weigh inspections.***

​All fish subject to pre/post weigh inspection ​All final coolers must be checked in with a tournament official no later than 4:00 PM (Verizon time) at the clarion bar hotel.

​Each Team will present up to six (6) walleyes in their box. The largest being identified with the ZIP-TIE provided by tournament officials. 

​The only species allowed in the box is walleye.

​Any more than Six (6) Walleye, or any other species in the box, will automatically disqualify the box and the team for the event.

All culling is to be completed prior to entering the cooler check in station.

​The fish will be presented in a cooler with bagged ice that is metal banded or blocked ice only.  No loose ice or water baths allowed.  Any coolers found with loose ice and/or water will be immediately disqualified.

​Once coolers are checked in to a tournament official, the coolers will be sealed and labeled until the weigh in. 

Tournament coolers cannot be re-opened by the team from this point on. They will be opened by fish handlers at the weigh in line only.

​If any access to the coolers is attempted by the team while in the weigh-in waiting line the team and fish box  will be immediately disqualified.

​No Ripped, bloody t-shirts, tank-tops or cut off sweat pants are allowed.

​No profanity, unsportsmanlike conduct, or vulgarity will be allowed on stage, this will result in immediate disqualification.

​In the event there is an exact tie for the individual fish weight, within the payout structure (to be determined) the payout amounts will be combined and equally split. Ties outside the payout structure (for general record), the placement will be determined by first team registered.

​Should there be an exact tie for the overall big box weight; the tie breaker will go to the team with the largest individual fish in their box.


​Second tie breaker will be total length of all fish weighed, to nearest quarter inch. 

 See Protest and Challenges section to contest an issue at weigh in



*The Below Payouts are projected and may vary depending on total entrants. All Payments are USD*


Total Teams 50                    Total Teams 30
  1st   $10,000   USD                    1st   $7,000  USD
  2nd $  6,000   USD                    2nd $4,000  USD

  3rd  $  3,500   USD                    3rd  $2,500  USD

  4th  $  2,500   USD                    4th  $1,000   USD

  5th  $  2,000   USD                            

  6th  $  1,000   USD                             

 All Cash payouts are based on a fully registered and paid fleet of boats


​*Big Fish Friday is not part of the main tournament payout structure or a requirement of the main event (it’s an optional day of prize fishing).*

All tournament payouts will be determined prior to the Captains meeting, and released at that time. 


Protests and Challenges

​In the event a team wishes to enter a protest to formally challenge a competitor conflict, a formal document will be available for submittal. The Challenge form, in addition to a charge of $200.00 will be presented to Tournament Officials. Should the challenge be awarded in favor to the protest submitting team, the $200.00 fee will be refunded to the challenging team.

Should the challenge be invalid, the $200.00 fee will be forfeited.  A protest must be submitted in writing no later than 15 minutes after final boat has been weighed. Any disqualification from the tournament will not result in a refund, this includes the main event, big fish Friday, and the Calcutta.


***This Document must be signed and returned to the Tournament Committee Prior to Fishing***


*to print please click the PDF below*